My Disability

I’m disabled. Duh. I was riding with some co-workers and our truck flipped. I was ejected from the vehicle and the truck landed on top of me.

Needless to say that day changed my entire life. But I refuse to quit. Prior to the accident I was a healthy, active guy. Swimming a mile out from the beach, then back in. Triathlons. You name it. I did it.

While that ability is no longer there, the heart still is. So I compete. I loved rugby even before my accident. Such a violent, beautiful sport. No helmets and protective gear like those pussies in the NFL. Just a piece of leather on your head.

Well, not for us. We don’t wear anything on our heads. Kind of hard to bump heads while in a wheelchair. Not impossible, but hard.

But yes, going from an able bodied male in my prime, to confinement to a wheelchair is tough. Just embarking on my career that I worked hard for. All gone. A friend of mine is an long term disability lawyer and he’s constantly reminding me, about me not buying the coverage even though he recommended it. Oh well. I’m still doing okay. Not great. But living.

The first few years was hard. It’s gotten better, but not much. Just working out and competing.